When you’re having your Saturn Return but you’re a Millennial

I think I might have read just every existing article, snippet, book section, about the infamous SATURN RETURN.  I am writing it in capital letters so that the Universe knows how much respect I have for it.

I can also dare say it is the most popular astrological event in a person’s life. Classic trailer, happens around 29 – 30 when Saturn completes a whole cycle of the astrological belt, and comes back to the place it was when you were born. And so some stuff happens which forces you to “come of age”, to “mature”.

The simple fact that so many people know about it makes me imagine them going through such a difficult, transforming period that they search the meaning of it using every means possible, even Astrology. It is that strong and that shaking for most.


There’s even a list of movies online, recommended for your Saturn Return. Go figure. Drum Roll:  Movies to help you through your Saturn Return

And a personal one I liked – Lola Versus. So many relatable gifs. Haha. And by that, I mean insights.


And a new one called Saturn Returns. I told you, it’s a worldwide phenomenon.

I don’t even know why I am choosing to write this article exactly while IN THE MIDDLE of my own Saturn Return. I know that my perception might still shift entirely until the end of this thing. But I know for sure I was expecting it. Expecting it to turn my life around somehow. Expecting it to trigger the Domino of changes that will finally enable me to KNOW WHAT I WANT. Like Chandler here. Very specific and mature.


That’s the thing about being a Millennial. So many choices. So many roads to take. To marry? Not to marry? To have kids? Not to have kids? To quit your job and travel the world? To pursue a career? To wander exploring every existing possibility until you’ve tried everything? To go to Asia and become a monk? To leave a relationship or to build one? To pursue your passion with disregard to anything else?


Well the thing that I have learnt from Saturn so far, is that not choosing something is a choice as well. Standby mode, drifting, remaining open to anything, is as much of a choice as any of the other roads.

These are all time questions and issues that are latent or at least background music in everyone who is even a little bit self-conscious.

But during the Saturn Return, which in my opinion starts to be felt around 27 / 28, you become very aware of the situation. Very aware of this state of limbo which is so characteristic to my generation, to millennials. You start to feel responsible for the direction your life has, or the lack of it. This comes of course as a side effect of realizing your time on Earth is limited and that if you really want something you have to at least start now.


You mature by either beginning to take the steps which will build the life you think you want now or by accepting the state of confusion as something natural and letting go of trying to control everything. Yes, stuff does happen which guides you down the way and yes it might be Saturn’s influence here. He’s a very skilled and patient teacher.


I personally think we millennials benefit most from finally seeing the bigger picture during these times. The state of confusion is natural. The need for controlling a certain outcome is futile. The responsibility to treat time with respect is paramount. And all of this is done or at least perceived, with a renewed sense of responsibility and awareness of your own personal choices, whatever those may be.

If you pay close attention, the subconscious drivers and patterns directing you and your life so far, come to the surface when Saturn comes back. And we all know that the first step towards improvement is denial. Hahhaha. No. Not denial. Acknowledgement.

Since I am a huge Alan Watts fan and he was / is / always will be a Saturn ruled Capricorn, here’s some practical wisdom to guide you through this confusing, life changing period.

Another recommendation. Watch Mr. Nobody . If you don’t like the movie, at least you’ll have Jared Leto.


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