What’s happening on the Planetary Scene this week? 8th to 14th of May 2017


Haha! Have I got your attention now? Sure hope so, cause despite my sarcasm, this is an eventful week astrologically. So many events, that I’m going to have to make a list. :))

The Sun in Taurus is going to make a positive aspect to Pluto in Capricorn on the 9th. Support and courage for you to come out of your shell.


The north node is moving its residence in Leo for 18 months with Saturn retrograde in Sagittarius as background music on the 9th of May. Karmapolice.


Mercury is going be conjunct to Uranus in Aries on the 10th. Electric meeting for your brain.


A full moon in Scorpio with Pluto as Lord of Ceremonies on the 10th.   Is what you want also what you need?


Mars in Gemini is going to square Neptune in Pisces on the 11th.  Channel your emotion into art.


So, dear readers in the astrological realm, how have you been feeling in the past 18 months?

Since November 2015 the lunar nodes have been transiting the Pisces – Virgo axis, impacting us both on a collective level as well as individually. Together with Saturn transiting Sagittarius, these energies have been urging us to redefine our beliefs and our personal relationship with the Universe, God, Buddha, Divinity, however you like to call it.  And more than a redefinition, an urge to align these spiritual yearnings, which come naturally to Pisces where the South Node was, with our daily routine and practice, which is Virgo’s territory. This has been the challenge. And I say challenge because wherever the North Node is that’s where effort comes into play and you need to step out of your comfort zone. The sign of the South Node is where we do the cleaning, the releasing of old patterns and yes even past life karma. Even changing or losing faith in something we were attached to in the past might have come up.

We’ve all surely seen the boost of spiritual trends in the past year and a half. Yoga, meditation, shamanism, reiki, astrology and many others have become increasingly popular because people have been searching for an outlet for their spiritual endeavors and at the same time for a material way of manifesting their faith. This is exactly what the North Node in Virgo has been asking us to do. Bring our faith down to earth and find a way to make it part of our life, our routine, our way of interacting with the world.

With Saturn in Sagittarius, the influence has been somehow increased as it has also been triggering the re-evaluation of what we learn, what we believe in, what we study and why. This isn’t an easy job, guys. The process itself is rather tedious. Just check out this comic from The Oatmeal to see what I mean -> Believe

I promise you it’s worth your 10 minutes.

Now, I would like to clarify the karmic implications of these transits, as the Nodes in astrology are strongly associated with Karma.

The South Node is a representation of your past lives, what you already know and your inner developed abilities which you bring in this lifetime, while the North Node is the area you must strive towards, your purpose for being here in the material world.

The Nodes are your astrological keys to spiritual realization.

However, when speaking of karma, the mind has a tendency to wander to a rather dark and negative place. Like it’s judgement day or something. Whether you believe in past and future lives is irrelevant here, karma is not something outside of yourself. It is actual ACTION and resembles more to the natural law of gravity. Any action has an equal reaction, it’s the law of cause and effect. So when the timing is right and certain conditions are met, the results of your actions will eventually take form. Think about a farmer who plants strawberry seeds. What are the actual chances he will get tomatoes? None. Does he see the results of his action instantly? No. A cycle in nature has to complete so that the seeds bear fruit.


The cycles of the Nodes in astrology have a similar effect on your realization here on Earth. They assist in the manifestation of certain events / conditions which will help you either burn out old karmic debts or create new karma.

Now it is difficult to tell during any transit if we are meeting with results of our past actions or creating new karma, or maybe both. So the best approach is to meet all experiences assuming that we are planting new seeds and regard any given situation as an opportunity for growth. If you want tomatoes to grow, plant tomatoes.  As this very smart guy Jung once said, only with increased awareness can we actually tell that the events around us are actually our unconscious manifesting, so that we take notice of it.


So why am I blabbering about this in the context of this week? Becaaaaaause, as I mentioned at the beginning of this post the Nodes are shifting signs this week and the North Node is going to stay in Leo for the following 18 months.

Time to put what you’ve learned and prepared for, OUT THERE. Last time the nodes were here was between September 1998 to April 2000. Think back at what was happening back then and do pay attention if you see repeating patterns. The repetition is not a coincidence but an opportunity. I know, I know long time ago. How’s anyone supposed to remember?


The focus is going to be on the Aquarius – Leo axis, groups vs individuals.  Aquarius loves humanity, loves groups, loves innovation, and perceives all this through a mental filter. With the South Node here and the North Node in Leo the shift of attention is going to be on your power as an individual and on listening to your heart rather than your mind.  This type of Leo energy will encourage us to see that the groups Aquarius so much loves are actually made up of strong beautiful individuals with unique skills.

On a personal level you (and me too :))) will  have to stop hiding in the crowd, within groups, and gather up the courage to bring your talents and skills to the public. To get in the spotlight. You’ve been preparing, gathering your thoughts, reconsidering your beliefs, maybe even your diet in the past year and a half and now you will get the chance to show YOURSELF to the world. From the heart. The challenge is to let go of old mental patterns, groups and people with visions no longer in line with who you want to be.

And of course, your OWN limiting mental chatter about what the future might bring. And have faith in your skills and originality without always comparing yourself to others. Leo is also the sign of personal responsibility and personal authority and the North Node here says it’s time to stop looking for a mentor, boss, pastor, shaman or another eminent figure outside of yourself to be your ultimate guide. As for the South Node in Aquarius wherever that falls in your chart it will ruffle your feathers in terms of attachments. Mostly when it comes to needing other people’s approval and old mental patterns.Time to let those go. And here I am quoting Frozen :)).


The Scorpio Full Moon on May 10th 

A full moon means an opposition between the moon and the sun. The conscious and the subconscious.

It’s like when you haven’t cleaned your house in a while or maybe you have but you know there’ s still a big pile of dust behind that wardrobe you don’t want to move. Now expand this vision and imagine the dark corners of your psyche. Cause that’s what this Scorpio full moon will light up. Scorpio is not afraid to look at that. Scorpio does not avoid the dirty work of introspection. It thrives on it. Since it is opposing the Sun in Taurus it will bring up the opposition between your wants and your needs, what your ego wants opposed to what your emotional needs really are.

Since Pluto the planet of transformation, is the ruler of Scorpio and is also supporting this full moon by making a positive aspect to it, he is officially on board with your personal emotional death and rebirth process. It’s a good thing to have Pluto in your corner, trust me!

On how this will affect each sign:

Aries and Aries Ascendant

The full moon on the 10th will light up you financial and intimate sector. You might be reaping some financial rewards and while you’re at it your most intimate emotions and feelings might surface as well. What have you been feeling and avoiding to look at lately Aries? Are your relationships, be it romantic or financial, reflecting your personal value?

Since Uranus and Mercury will be conjunct in your sign at the same time you can have sudden flashes of information from your subconscious and just KNOW what to do about something that has been on your mind. This sudden information could be coming unexpectedly either from within or from others. The recommendation is to focus your thoughts and be sure of what you want to communicate before rushing into it.

The North Node moving in Leo will draw attention on your creativity, on what you do for fun, on your children. Are you investing more time in group activities and social events in the detriment of your personal desires and hobbies? If yes it is time to reconsider and work on your creative skills or even better put them out there for the world to see.

Mars, your ruler, will be making a tense aspect to Neptune on Thursday and your thoughts could seem covered by a veil of fog. Channel this energy into something artistic or meditation and it will all get clearer by Friday when Mars and Jupiter will bring back your CAN DO attitude.

Taurus and Taurus Ascendant

In your case the full moon in Scorpio on the 10th is going to activate your relationship sector. It’s time to rethink your needs when relating to others. Are your relationships aligned with who you are as a person? Scorpio is your opposite sign and your natural need for stability, harmony and peace will have to be balanced against your emotional needs for depth and intense connection. Any emotions you have ignored or pushed aside for the sake of stability or any needs that you have calibrated for the sake of keeping a connection will need to be revised and with the help of Pluto, the guardian of this full moon, transformed. So, what is it that you keep turning a blind eye on for the sake of keeping harmony?

For the next year and a half, the north node in Leo puts an emphasis on your personal foundation, both on a psychological and on a material level. Any old patterns you keep following in your career might disappear and the focus will be on YOU building for YOURSELF. Build what, you ask?  Your place in the world where you feel most comfortable. This might mean a home, this might mean a psychological transformation that will help you no matter where you choose to live, or both. Saturn in Sagittarius, transiting your 8th house wants the same for you. To redefine your beliefs about shared resources and how you tackle intimacy.

The Mercury – Uranus meetup in your 12th house triggers your dreams and reflective states so pay attention to whatever comes up as insight during meditation or when you are asleep. Sudden flashes of intuition are natural when these 2 planets are together.

On Thursday when Mars in Gemini is squaring Neptune in your 11th house you might start asking yourself about your personal value and the groups you associate yourself with. Are all these supporting you and your vision? This is a time to reflect rather than act. Mars is more positively aspected by Jupiter on the 12th when your actions and your vision will also be more positively oriented.

Gemini and Gemini Ascendant

Geminiiiiiiiiiiiii, the full moon on the 10th brings light on your daily routine. Are you eating right, exercising, meditating? Do you feel the need for a detox? If yes, this Scorpio moon is the best timing to eliminate anything that you feel is stomping all over your daily routine and wellness, be it sugar or not enough sleep. Even if the sun is currently in a private area of your chart which inclines yow towards rest and contemplation, Mars in your sign does give you the energy to start up anything to improve your self-image.

As for the Nodal shift this happens in your learning sector. If you’ve been overly attached to one point of view or open to perceiving the world rationally, from a distance, the next 18 months prompt you to start taking more variants into consideration and break away from what the group or a certain mentor or teacher preaches. Do your own research, build your own material, imprint your personal view on what you decide to keep on your memory servers and don’t be afraid to shine. You know enough and since we’re talking about Leo here, it’s the for you to share YOUR own unique view with the world.

Mercury joining Uranus in Aries and your 11th house can also help here. You might get an idea from the groups you’re in or from social media which might inspire you to take the leap. Either way stay tuned to sudden incoming information or meditate on your vision of the future and what you want it to be. You might be surprised by the revelations you have.

Mars squaring foggy Neptune around the 11th of May might bring some emotional insight about you and your place in society. Use this time for analysis.

Cancer and Cancer Ascendant

You might have been working hard on a project you are passionate about Cancer, or maybe you’ve been tacking a romantic conundrum, or having to deal with parenthood dilemmas. This Scorpio Full Moon on the 10th brings these areas of your life in the spotlight. Something might come to a culmination or transform under close and in depth re-evaluation. Since Pluto is supporting this process, the transformation will be a smooth one. Just let go of old patterns and allow yourself to experience everything in a new light.

The North Node moving into Leo in the area of your chart where self-worth, money and personal value come into play will help you re-evaluate the associations you make with others, the resources you share, both emotional and financial. Are you functioning based on mental patterns that are no longer helping you evolve? What is the pattern you apply when it comes to shared resources? How about intimacy? How about sexuality? If the answer to these questions is no longer who you are, the next 18 months will bring about the opportunity and the people to help you shed your old skin and put balance between how much of you and your worth you can share with others and how much you put yourself first and YOUR creativity to the public.

The Mercury Uranus conjunction on Thursday in your 10th house might bring about an unexpected information about your career or social status. You might get an innovative insight out of nowhere. Just pay attention.

Mars in your 12th house squaring Neptune in your 9th calls for meditation and reflection on your vision in life.

Leo and Leo Ascendant

This Full Moon on the 10th of May falls in your 4th House of home and personal foundations. Is it time to move? Are you planning on renovating? Or maybe you need a psychological reset when it comes to your personal comfort and how you can achieve that. The opposing influences are manifesting between your career and social status and what makes you feel comfortable and at peace with yourself. Is your need for personal comfort at odds with who you are in the public life? The Sun in Taurus shines a light on your vocation while the moon helps you take a hard look at how you feel emotionally about your personal comfort. If you find yourself stuck in either of these 2 areas maybe it is time to admit to yourself what is keeping you and get ready for a transformation.

The North Node in your sign will bring about situations that will put you in the spotlight and also will increase your internal need to express yourself creatively by redefining your image entirely. The next 18 months are all about you gathering up the courage to let go of any dependencies on others and doing YOUR own thing. Others might mean a relationship, a business partnership, a mental pattern, whatever it is holding you back from shining. Pay attentions to the people and opportunities you meet during this transit as they might play an important role for you.

The Mercury Uranus conjunction happening this week in your 9th house can trigger a sudden urge to enroll to a new course, start teaching a new course yourself or even an idea of what you would like to teach. Maybe the chance to travel might present itself unexpectedly as well.

Virgo and Virgo Ascendant

The Scorpio Full Moon on the 10th focuses on your communication sector, the networking you do and social events you take part in. It focuses on your close relationships with your siblings and the information and topics you are learning about. Pay close attentions to the exchanges and discussions you have around this time as they might bring to light important news. Since Pluto, the transformer, rules this full moon, much of this areas of your life could undergo changes.

You’ve just been through a transit of the North Node in your sign Virgo so you’ve probably seen it all. How has life changed in the past 18 months? The focus has been on your relationship versus your needs. Any relationship that was no longer suitable for you and your growth has been under revision. Interesting times, one might say.  Now the shift of the North Node in your 12th house urges you to let go of control and trust the universe. Your daily routines might change entirely in this process as the south node in your 6th house will help you release any old patterns when it comes to health or your attitude towards what you do for a living, your job. The North Node in your 12th house will trigger the re-evaluation of your personal relationship with God, Buddha, the Universe. Do you have faith that things are happening exactly as they should or do you try to filter them using your strong mental abilities? Use this time to meditate, be introspective and define your view of the world around you. Trust that by surrendering to what your heart knows is right you are doing the right thing.

The Mercury Uranus conjunction in your 8th House of Intimacy and shared resources will give you sudden insights about how to tackle an intimate issue regarding sexuality or maybe even finances. Since we’re talking about Uranus here, we can never be sure how the information / revelation will be delivered. Maybe you already have it deep down in your subconscious.

Libra and Libra Ascendant

The Full Moon on the 10th Falls in your second house of finances and personal value, Libra. This will bring to light or to culmination one of your latest financial projects. Since the Sun is in the sector of your chart related to other people’s resources it might even be that you will get the final answer about a loan or an important purchase. Since we are talking about a transformative full moon here, whatever it is that you are bringing to fruition now, will add up to your personal value quite a lot.

The Nodes shifting will trigger the parts of your chart related to your creativity, your passions, your relationship to your children as opposed to your vision about the future, your social networks and groups you associate with. Are you keeping most of your passions in your head Libra? If that is the case, time has come to envision a future where your creative skills are offered to others, are shared using social networks or in groups. What is keeping you? It might not be your comfort zone at this time and you might be doing what you love just for fun but just imagine yourself waking up every day to do what you love as a way of life. If you feel your heart beaming up with light when you think about this then take a step outside of that cozy comfort zone and just do it.

The Uranus Mercury meetup in your house of partnerships might bring up some sudden information about a relationship, a new collaboration even or the idea of one. Revelations of all sorts are not uncommon with these 2 meeting up in the sky.

Scorpio and Scorpio Ascendant

What have you been secretly working on for the last 6 months Scorpio? Since this full moon lights up your entire chart, you should think back to the previous new moon on October 30th last year. What did you start back then? Have you considered a reveal of this project so far? If not, you might like to do just that this week since Pluto your ruler sitting in your communication sector, supports both the Moon in your Sign and the Sun in your house of relationships. Are you holding back on saying something that’s been building up inside you to your partner? The Pluto Sun positive aspect on the 9th and the Pluto Moon positive aspect on the 10th support you to do just that. Talk. Allow yourself to open up and own up your needs and wants. Are your intense emotions satisfied with what your partner is offering? Make this about you.

With the North Node moving to your career sector for the next 18 months you will be challenged to put your career, and more than that, YOUR VOCATION center stage in your life. Since we are talking about Leo here, what is it that you do from the heart? Vocation is putting together personal passions and public life and doing everything based on feeling and on your heart’s desire. As this comes in opposition with your mental patterns about your home and psychological foundation, you are invited to identify the mental patterns in your inner structure and cleanse whatever might be holding you back from putting your heart in your career.

Mercury and Uranus meeting up in your 6th house might bring about some revelations on how you can improve your routine and health.

Mars your ruler, now transiting your 8th house of intimacy will be squaring Neptune in your 5th house on Thursday. Do think twice before acting up in a personal matter if you don’t have the entire overall image.

Sagittarius and Sagittarius Ascendant

Hey Sag 🙂 The Scorpio full moon falls in your hidden 12th House stirring up your subconscious. Have you been paying attention to your dreams lately? This full moon with Pluto ruling it will help you start the healing and forgiveness process when it comes to a personal issue you tend to keep mostly to yourself. If something or someone at work or in your personal life has been triggering your emotions, it is time to acknowledge that and change your response towards it. The sooner you let it out, the sooner you’ll feel better. You might also want to reconsider how your daily habits are sustaining your spiritual endeavors and decide to give up time wasters in order to replace them with habits such as meditation or maybe yoga.

Now when we talk about the Nodes for you, this transit will bring your inner mentor to the surface. If you’ve been studying a variety of subjects superficially the North Node in Leo will challenge you to pick one at least which you want to perfect and maybe even teach it to others. You’re always learning something new Sagittarius and it’s nice to know a little about everything.  But do take a moment and choose with your heart the subject you love most. You’re an explorer at heart but you’re also a damn good teacher. You know you talk a good game so why don’t you also let others know by showing them? If you don’t feel ready for this yet you might think about enrolling in an official school like a university that in time will give you the validation you need to shine. Diplomaaaas! Hehe! Saturn in your sign is helping you find a solid form for your beliefs and bring them to perfection so use this time to do just that.

Also this week Mercury and Uranus will meet in your 5th house of passions and creativity so why not take a chance on channeling your inner painter, decorator, karaoke singer? You might be surprised of the outcome.

Capricorn and Capricorn Ascendant

This Full Moon in Scorpio puts your associations under scrutiny and an important milestone resulting from a collaboration could be reached. Either way the focus falls on your vision of the future, the people you want to keep around you and your presence on social media. You could have an amazing result using an online environment as the 11th house also rules technology and networking. You might even decide to expose your creative efforts to the public as Pluto is positively aspecting the Sun in your 5th house of passions and creativity.

Since the North Node will enter your 8th house triggering your financial axis you might want to take collaborations into consideration for the long haul. How much courage do you have to associate yourself with others when it comes to money Capricorn? Are you a team player or would rather do everything on your own for yourself? We all kind of know the answer to this one so your challenge in the next 18 months is to shed old mental patterns about making money and start thinking how your collaborations are exactly the ones that might put you in the spotlight. Revise revise revise your attitude toward shared resources and sharing your emotions while we’re at it and pay attention to what feeling arises in that direction without directly antagonizing the idea. Areas like the occult, spirituality, magic, psychology, astrology are going to be highly attractive to you during this time, as the need for in depth psychological understanding is increased.

The Mercury Uranus conjunction happens in your 4th house which might bring up sudden news about your family your home. Or maybe you might have a revelation on what you need in order to feel at home wherever you are. Maybe a little insight on your psychological foundation?

Aquarius and Aquarius Ascendant

Well hello there to you great thinkers of our time! Actually maybe even ahead of our time. Hehe!

This Full Moon will fall in your 10th house of Career and social image shining a light on your public image versus your home life. Is what you need more ME time Aquarius? A work project you’ve started half a year ago might also bear fruit with this full moon under Pluto’s transformative support. Since a full moon means an opposition of the conscious with the subconscious do think if you have the balance you crave between your home life and your work like. Do you feel you have the grounded foundation you wish for, while also doing what you love? If this is the case, then yay! keep up the good work! If not take a clear and honest look at what you are doing professionally that might be holding you back.

The North Node moving in your 7th house of partnership while the south node is in your 1st house will indeed be a major shift of energies for you. It is well known how valuable your independence is to you Aquarius and the south node here will put into question exactly how attached you actually are to this idea of independence and need of space. The challenge will be to let your heart rule over your mind in terms of partnership, both when it comes to business and to romance. Find your personal value and learn to shine with someone by your side. It might not be so bad after all to experience the generosity, heartfelt movie-like love that Leo so much adores.

Or if you are already attached, take a closer look at the way you feel in this relationship. Is it still making your heart skip a beat? Cause if this is not the case, the Leo north node transit might make you remember what that feels like.

Your interactions and communications are going to be electrified this Wednesday when Mercury joins Uranus in your 3rd house. While you’re about and about pay attention to what comes up as flashes of insight might reach you in the most unusual way.

Pisces and Pisces Ascendant

Laaaaaaast but not least Pisces joins the astrological party.

The full moon in Scorpio falls in your 9th House of Higher Learning. A travel opportunity might materialize or your beliefs could come up under the magnifying glass under the beams of this full moon. Since Pluto is involved here your visions and philosophy about the world and learning might shift completely. You might also be seeing a project started half a year ago come to an end or at least to a central stage of development. You might even decide to give up some old beliefs you help tightly on. Scorpio is not afraid to dig deep and find those exact thoughts and patterns that keep you stuck. And more than that Scorpio can transmute them and start over with a fresh view.

Pisces you’ve been hosting the South Node in your sign for the past 18 months. Which has been feeling like home over there with Neptune by its side. You’ve been going through a deep healing process and are still doing that as it is going to move to your 12th House in Aquarius. You will have the chance to bring buried mental patterns to the surface and clear them. If your daily routine and job has been making you put yourself on the last place that is also going to shift. As the North Node in Leo falls in your 6th House you will have the opportunity to improve your health routine, to change your habits so that in the process you yourself can shine. This includes your daily work. Time to take your place in the spotlight for all the work you are doing and your unique skills. It might have been all about being a team player until now Pisces but with this transit you will get the chance to make your personal value known.

As the Mercury Uranus meet up happens in your 2nd House this Thursday you might get a new innovative idea on how to improve your personal value or even make more money using your skills.

Wishing you a happy energetic shift guys! Here’s more Leo for you. 😀 :))


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